I have been buying plants through the mail for over 30 years. I always thought it was another way for the nurseries to increase their profit. How wrong I was. Trying to figure out how much to charge is an ongoing process. The first year we started to ship, we forgot to take in account a couple of things and lost money on every order. By the third year, we think we have struck a balance on cost vs shipping charges.


Our retail plant sizes are:

3.5” Anderson pot
6” RediRoot air pots
square 1 gallon

  • We ship whenever temperatures allow during most seasons of the year. Our regular shipping season is March 1st to October 31st. We will ship outside those dates on a order by order basis.
  • Many plants could be shipped during their dormant season
    (Some plants are summer dormant, and most winter dormant.)
  • We ship on Monday and Tuesday only. Orders will usually be shipped the week after ordering.

Shipping Rates

We ship using USPS or UPS depending on whoever is cheaper.

These rate quotes are for individual plants shipped directly to your home. For wholesale orders, please email us or call for shipping information.

Our boxes hold up to 6 plants. For the best rate we encourage you to order in full box increments.

Shipping costs by region for 3.5”:

West Coast (CA, CO, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA)
Minimum shipping is $10.75 for the first and second plant, plus $2.00 for each additional plant (starting at the third plant)

MidWest (AL, AR, AZ, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, TN, TX, WI, WY)
Minimum shipping is $16.50 for the first and second plant, plus $3 for each additional plant (starting at the third plant)

East Coast (CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV)
Minimum shipping is $18.50 for the first and second plant, plus $4 for each additional plant(starting at the third plant)

For orders over 6 plants, we will charge you the what the actual cost of delivery and you will receive a statement on those charges.

Shipping Notes

  • Once the plants leave Noname Nursery, we are NOT liable for damage to the plants or containers while in transit. This includes any packages lost in transit, or stolen.
  • If a plant arrives damaged, or if there is any problem, please email ([email protected]) within 2 days of receiving the package with picture of the problem. Once the carrier is notified of the damage and a claim is issued, we will reship the plants or refund your money.
  • All plants should be inspected upon arrival. Any problem with the quality of the plant material should be brought to our attention. Noname Nursery will not be liable for more than the original purchase price of any plant material. We do not bear responsibility for care after shipment or delivery of plant material. All other warranties, whether expressed or implied, and including claims to productiveness, growth, transport, or other factors beyond our control will not be the responsibility of Noname Nursery.