Trees & Shrubs

Our current inventory is in the production stage and will be available to customers in 2021.


We grow unique trees that you don’t always see in Northwest landscapes. Our favorites include; Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum varieties), Gingko, Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia), and Sweet Gums (Liquidambar).

The trees we select for production are reliably happy in the Pacific Northwest climate, provide a strong landscape footprint, and more often than not provide stellar fall color.

The shrubs we grow are robust and the same high quality our other plants display. You can expect our nursery plants to have healthy root systems, strong branching structure and pest free plants in each order from Noname Nursery. We would love to supply you with Arbutus, Osmanthus, Euonymous, Garrya, and many other shrubs for Northwest gardens.