We are proud to supply Northwest style hops for your gardens and landscapes. We carry varieties that are fast-growing, aromatic, and provide consistent flavors for homebrew, tea, and tinctures.

We only sell and ship live hop plants, ready for field transplanting. Our transplants are professional commercial quality. Planting complete live rooted plants offers the best results to successfully grow and produce your favorite cultivar of hops. All are guaranteed female plants. We propagate by cuttings and by rhizomes to ensure that all the plants are true clones of each cultivar.

We sell only potted hops only, NOT rhizomes or seeds.

Hops Varieties 

Variety Purpose Alpha % 
Sterling Dual 4.5%-9%
Columbus Dual 14%-18%
Nugget Dual  9.5%-14
Centennial Dual 9.5%-11.5%
Chinook Dual 11.5%-15%
Cascade (US) Dual 4.5%-8.9%
Magnum (US) Bittering 10%-14%
Comet Bittering 9.4%-12.4%
Mt. Hood  Aromatic 4% -8%
Crystal Aromatic 2.8%-4.4%